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Our Mission – The charging demand for Plug-in electric vehicles (EV’s) is growing and our mission is to accelerate the deployment of a smart charging infrastructure that aids in the transition to a zero-emission mobility future.

Our Story – EV Plug Pros, LLC was created in 2021 with a passion for sustainability and a mission to make a difference. Our goal is simple: to provide a safe, reliable, convenient, and cost savings solution to charge your EV.


Our Service - We are committed to providing electric vehicle charging solutions for residential, commercial, and municipalities throughout Colorado. Our team of EV-charging experts and licensed electricians provide professional installations with exceptional service and support.


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Want to Start Your Day Fully Charged?


For the best home charging experience, we recommend installing a level 2 charger. At-home EV chargers provide ease of use, reliability, and savings!


Save with a home charger, reduce emissions, and let us charge your future today!




Whether you want to provide EV charging stations for amenities, sustainability initiatives, or increase your property value, EV Plug Pros can evaluate the best EV charging solutions based on your goals and budget.


Our Design-Build method simplifies the construction process and creates a value-added partner in the project that benefits all stakeholders. We can help with site assessment, design, permitting, installation, commissioning, operations, and maintenance. 


 Level 1 Standard Charging:     

Use: Home

Voltage: 120V AC Plug 

Amps: 20

KW: 1.5

Charging Time: Slow 24-60 Hrs 

Charger Per Hour: adds 3-6 miles of charge

Station Cost: Free - most electric vehicles come with a standard leve1 1 charger with a purchase of an EV. 


Charging Levels

Level 2 High Speed Charging:     

Use: Home & Commercial use

Voltage: 240V AC Plug 

Amps: 40 -60

KW: 6-15

Charging Time: 5x faster or 6 -10 Hrs 

Charger Per Hour: 20-50 miles of charge

Station & Installation Cost: $

Level 3 Rapid Charging:

Use:  Commercial Only

Voltage: 480-800V DC

Amps: 500

KW: 50 to 350

Charging Time: 30-1hr

(DC Fast Charging)

Charger Per Hour: 250-300 miles of charge

Station & Installation Cost: $$


Save on Charging Costs & Installation

Rebates & Incentives


Current U.S. federal tax credit provides individuals 30% off single-family residential electric vehicle charging station installation costs, up to $1,000. This also includes any service panel upgrades included in the installation. To claim the credit on your federal tax return, the charger installation

must be completed by December 31, 2021.

Maximum amount: 30% or $1,000


You can take advantage of a U.S. Federal tax credit when your business deploys an EV charging  station, up to 30% off the installation costs up to $30,000 per installation site. To claim the credit on your federal tax return, the charger installation must be completed by December 31, 2021.

Maximum amount: 30% or $30,000


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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

We Specialize – Industry Expertise + Trust & Efficiency = Job Satisfaction! Your project will always be in good hands with our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff. EV Plug Pros is a premier electrical contractor providing a turnkey solution for all your electric vehicle charging needs.

Electric Vehicle Smart Chargers

EV Smart Chargers - We deliver professional installations with safety UL Listed EV Smart Chargers with Wi-Fi enabled and Energy Star-Certified capabilities. Future proof your investment with the most reliable and powerful EV car chargers on the market.

Electric Vehicle Charger Support

Ongoing Support – With our pledge to customer commitment, expect the extraordinary. Value-engineered solutions from experts that exceeds your needs from site assessment to your first EV charging session.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Warranty

2 YR Warranty – We offer a two year workmanship warranty. We guarantee our installation work and are fully licensed, bonded, & insured.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Safety

Safety – With our OSHA trained and certified installers, we are committed to supporting a hazard-free workplace and obey occupational safety and health standards adopted by OSHA and CDC. 

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Colorado

Colorado Owned - We are a locally owned & operated company that proudly serves Colorado communities and provides safe, responsive service with honesty & integrity.

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"This company is fantastic. Bets prices and very high quality work. Kelly went above and beyond to ensure the job was done right and even helped us contact tesla when there was an issue on their end with the charger serial number. 6 stars wasn't option but if it was, he'd get it." 


                        Will F (Tesla) Aurora


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